give me all yer money

i’ve started uploading designs to redbubble, a print-on-demand service.  i can’t speak for the quality and i don’t like the pricing, but i do like to eat more than one meal a day and i am currently not doing that.

so go to my redbubble shop!  give me a sliver of the profits from my years worth of hobby pattern-making!

i’d be happy to tweak any design on this blog to fit whatever products you want.  in other words: any requests?


i think this is officially the second-most verbose post since this blog’s 2010 inception.  and number one in terms of discomfort!


making this post has made me feel dirty (money is icky, yuuuuck!  narsty!  ewwwwwwie!) so here’s what i’ve done since the last post –






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