gliding along at an easy pace

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spinny-eyed tv junkies

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game_over encourage_lightning legless move_it_over

i like colors.

mystics in bali

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mystics in bali is an indonesian film about a tourist who learns the black magic of the leyaks and then her body is used by rangda to kill some babies.  spoilers – good prevails.  it’s a goddamn shame.  praise be to rangda.

mystics01 mystics02 mystics03 mystics04 mystics05 mystics06 mystics07 mystics08 mystics09 mystics10 mystics11 mystics12 mystics13 mystics14 mystics15 mystics17


Q.  what makes a movie good?

A.  mystics16




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dog_funeral dr_drunk let_us_go_away nine_thirty_three ufolojist anticigrate

oh it’s a pity, i forgot my best ditty

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blocklist click_trick crystal_falls inevitable_waves schroder

ok this one’s just schroeder stairs with color. so wot.

wave_shave winters_73

if you really think about it, all that stuff is just stuff.  all those things are just things.  and that junk — merely junk.

five-thousand dragons take to the skies!

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hogna aspersa:

breathe, breathe, breathe… stop.

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twenty-seven layers of wallpaper on a fifteen year old wall.


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